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August 10, 2023

Zero-Gravity Wall Slide Coming to Canada's Wonderland Splash Works

Toronto, Canada Splash Works waterpark at Canada’s Wonderland will introduce Moosehorn Falls in 2024 and take up to six guests on a wild raft ride down a rushing river with twists, turns, and a harrowing drop before propelling the raft up and down a zero-gravity, 13-metre wall (42 feet).

Moosehorn Falls Raft Ride Splash Works Waterpark at Canada's Wonderland
Riders seated in a six-passenger raft will experience a moment of weightlessness at the apex of the wall ride.

Splash Works is naming the new waterpark attraction Moosehorn Falls after the waterfalls on the Broad River along the Moosehorn Trail in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick within the designated Fundy Biosphere Region. Moosehorn Trail is one of the 50 Amazing Places found within the Fundy Biosphere Region.

The new raft ride is designed and built by Whitewater West for Splash Works.

Rendering courtesy of Canada's Wonderland. All rights reserved.

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