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October 24, 2012

$6.5-Million To Be Spent On Expansion of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Santa Claus, INHoliday World & Splashin' Safari will invest $6.5 million on new attractions for both their theme park and waterpark this off-season. The investment will include a major new water slide complex for Splashin' Safari waterpark and a new Tea Cup spinning ride for Holiday World.

RhinoBlaster the name of the new complex will have four new in-the-dark double-rider tube slides.

"The longest slide is 350 feet and includes a half-pipe element – similar to our Zinga water ride – for a really cool back-and-forth skateboarding effect," said park president Dan Koch.

RhinoBlaster water slide complex Splashin' Safari water park
Splashin' Safari's new RhinoBlaster tube slide complex will feature four new slides, three of which will will start from a four story platform and the longest, a new 349-foot long "Half-Pipe" slide will begin from a fifth story platform. RhinoBlaster is part of a $6.5 million expansion of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari.

Splashin' Safari will also add a second ride, Pilgrims Pluge, which isn't new but will not become a part of the water park and be renamed Giraffica.

"We're not moving the ride, just the park boundary," says Koch. "Splashin' Safari's entrance will also be expanded and we're adding a new style of lockers. This is part of our ongoing effort to improve our guests' experience here at the park."

Splashin' Safari is ranked as the nation's #1 water park by, the world's largest travel website. The park will also add an additional 20 cabanas to expand capacity for this popular amentity.

Over in Holiday World theme park the ride lineup will expand with the addition of a classic spinning teacup ride — Kitty's Tea Party — to Holidog's FunTown, plus a larger high-dive pool, stage and seating area will replace the current theater.

The park is also planning to expand the Happy Halloween Weekends to six weekends and will offer a new after-dark light show for summer nights. Plus misters and fans and additional shade structures and seating will be added to both parks.

Artwork courtesy of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari.

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