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July 14, 2011

Idlewild Opens New Wave Pool in Soak Zone Water Park

Ligonier, PAIdlewild and SoakZone this summer debuted a brand new wave pool called Wowabunga that has become a huge hit with park guests. The new wave pool is also the single largest capital improvement in the park's history.

"This wave pool is a thrilling addition that will take the excitement of the SoakZone to a whole new level for our guests", said Jeff Croushore, park spokesperson. "We've already been recognized as the "Best Children's Park", but this attraction's appeal to kids and adults, will help bolster Idlewild's reputation of being one of the best parks for the entire family!"

The multi-million dollar pool is a replacement for Idlewild's swimming pool that dated back to 1931.

The 280,600-gallon pool measures 182-feet long and is 137-feet wide at the shallow end, which features a zero-depth entry. In the deep end the pool has a maximum depth of 6-feet.

Already the new Wowbunga wave pool has been a huge hit with park guests.

Idlewild turns on the man-made waves for seven-minute intervals, allowing swimmers to ride the tide, but they've kept the waves at a level where they offer thrills for older guests, but don't wipe out the younger children.

For safety several lifeguards supervise the wave pool and Idlewild took an additional step of installing underwater cameras that are constantly monitored by additional staff.

The new "beach" area surrounding the wave pool has chaise lounges for all to enjoy and cabanas that guests may rent for an escape from the summer sun.

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