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January 19, 2011

World's First ProSlide BowlingALLEY & TantrumALLEY Opens At Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai

Dubai – Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai opened the hottest new water ride complex in the world to rave reviews. The world's first ProSlide BowlingALLEY and world's longest TantrumALLEY debuted on January 11 as part of a massive expansion of the waterpark. A large crowd was on hand for the opening who were ready to experience the new water rides.

Wild Wadi Waterpark Tantrum Alley, Burj Surj Water Rides

Wild Wadi's Tantrum Alley is the only one in the world with three funnels, two open and one enclosed, and it spans a record-breaking 820-feet (250-meters) long. Over 8,500 gallons of water pump through this water ride every minute.

Riders in four-person CLOVERleaf tubes experience an overall drop of over 65-feet from top-to-bottom and feel the exhilaration of the high speed inrun and the heights of the gravity defying funnels three times in a row.

The world's first BowlingALLEY is also setting records as the only water ride with back-to-back BOWLS. Wild Wadi's Burj Surj has two 40-foot diameter BehemothBOWLS that riders in four to five man rafts experience. The 775-foot slide is full enclosed between the BOWLS.

For more information, see Wild Wadi Waterpark and ProSlide.

Photo courtesy of ProSlide. All rights reserved.

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