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June 10, 2009

'Curse of the Silverback' CanonBowl Tube Slide Opens June 17

Old Forge, NY -- After several months of construction Enchanted Forest/Wild Safari is ready to open their newest attraction "The Curse of the Silverback" on Wednesday, June 17.

Curse of the Silverback Water Slide, Enchanted Village/Wild Safari Waterpark
The Curse of the Silverback opens June 17 at Enchanted Forest/Wild Safari. The new ProSlide CanonBOWL is the first major addition to the New York water park since 2002.

The new CanonBOWL water slide from ProSlide Technology is the first new attraction to be added to the New York water park since 2002.

The new water ride is situated on the popular Wild Safari Island right next door to sister thrill ride Killermanjaro.

Enchanted Forest/Wild Safari chose the name since "The Curse of the Silverback" definitely puts the word theme in water theme park. The park felt the name was relevant to the park's safari theme and the image of the gorilla's power adds more thrill to the ride.

The park is also hoping to raise awareness for fascinating, but endangered creatures and their need to be protected.

The "silverback" theme refers to the dominant male gorillas that lead and protect their living groups, named after the mature male's saddle of light grey hair. Gorillas are found in several countries in Africa, including the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As part of the promotion of the new ride the park has partnered with Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International (DFGFI) to raise awareness and funds for the gorillas.

"In December of 2008 we adopted our own silverback gorilla through the organization and during the summer we're bringing a DFGFI fundraising initiative to the park called "Coins for Congo" that will support programs in Africa that improve the survival of these amazing primates who so closely match our own human genetic makeup," said Katie Noonan, Marketing Director for Enchanted Forest/Wild Safari.

The new Curse of the Silverback is one of over 50 rides and attractions, including 32 water rides, at Enchanted Forest/Wild Safari. The park opens for the season on June 17 and is open daily through Labor Day, September 7.

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Photo courtesy of Enchanted Forest/Wild Safari. All rights reserved.

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