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June 2, 2008

Lawsuit and Declining Attendance Close Texas Water Park

Lubbock, TX -- Texas Water Rampage in Lubbock has gone out of business. After 22 years, the water park is closing due to a decline in attendance and a lawsuit filed against the park.

Beau Denson, owner of Texas Water Rampage told New Channel II that a young girl who injured her finger in the park's wave pool two years ago have now decided to file a lawsuit.

"With this lawsuit pending, we find it to be frivolous, but with it pending we decided we better not open back up if lawsuits can be filed for hurt fingers," said Denson.

Denson also cited a decline in attendance due to a lack of new attractions as another reason for closing the water park.

"They didn't understand that without attendance of 70,000 people or more we were never going to be able to add new attractions. These attractions are $300,000 to $500,000 venues," said Denson.

Texas Water Rampage is now up for sale and it is possible that a new owner will buy and restore the water park.

Source: Water Park Closes After 22 Years — News Channel 11

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