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May 12, 2008

Water Country USA Unveils Water Park Expansion

Rock 'n' Roll Island, Water Country USAWilliamsburg, VA -- Water Country USA water park unveiled its latest expansion "Rock 'n' Roll Island" this past weekend when the park opened for the 2008 season.

Designed to offer attractions for the entire family, the park's newest expansion offers four water slides, a lazy river and a large pool themed after the 1950s and '60s rock-and-roll culture.

At the far edge of the new island the 33-foot tall "Jammin' Juke Box" slide tower juts skyward. Three translucent body slides, each named after a popular rock-and-roll dance – the "Funky Chicken," the "Hully Gully" and the "Twist" begin from atop the tower.

Jammin' Juke Box Water Slides, Water Country USA

Each one of the serpentine water slides twist and turn nearly 200-feet before spilling into a new 9,000 square-foot pool below. For children, the new area features the new "Little Bopper" children's slide.

More than half of Rock 'n' Roll Island's pool is reserved for swimming and relaxing. Park guests can also float in the gentle current in the 700-foot long lazy river that surrounds the island.

"The addition of Rock 'n' Roll Island continues Water Country USA's commitment of providing thrills and excitement at the mid-Atlantic's largest water park," said John Reilly, general manager and executive vice president of Water Country USA. "Combined with the other world-class attractions at the park, Water Country USA offers something for everyone in the family."

Water Country USA is now open for the 2008 season. The water park is open weekends until May 18 and daily operation for the summer starts May 23.

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Artwork and photos courtesy of Water Country USA. All rights reserved.

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