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December 12, 2007

Wild Wedgie Ride Coming To Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Texas

Arlington, TX -- Six Flags announced that it will expand its Hurricane Harbor waterpark next summer with the addition of the new "Wild Wedgie" tube slide. This new water ride will offer guests one more thrilling way to cool off at the Arlington waterpark.

Wild Wedgie is a four-story, 83-foot wide, U-shaped attraction that will send guests down one side to fly up the opposite wall. The ride appearance is very similar to a half pipe.

One or two guests at a time can experience the thrill of "zero-gravity" as it propels them down the slide with water spray jets. The frictionless surface of the slide helps create a free-fall effect as guests slide forward and back, up and down the U-shaped slide with no sides.

As riders go down one part of the slide toward the other end, they'll experience the sensation that speed and weight will carry them over the edge. The design of this "slide with no sides" allows the water spray jets to push the tube forward as riders continue to slip and slide until they reach the bottom.

According to Six Flags, riders will experience speeds of up to 23 mph while riding Wild Wedgie.

"Because of the unique ride experience and the equally unique name, the Wild Wedgie will quickly become one of the most popular rides at the park," said Steve Martindale, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Park President. "It's a water ride that teens, tweens and the entire family can enjoy together."

Wild Wedgie will be located in the Boogie Beach area of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

For more information, see Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Arlington or visit

Wild Wedgie artwork courtesy of Six Flags, Inc. All rights reserved.

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